The Preamble as Context

I recently attended an oral argument in federal district court where attorneys from both sides were at a loss to describe for the court the appropriate weight it should give to a final rule’s preamble. As I sat there in the gallery, thankful that I was not one of the attorneys on the spot, I vaguely recalled the discussion in my administrative law class during law school on that topic.…

The Busy Fall Season Looms

Beginning August 30th I will be attending meetings of the Title 25 Task Force, the Joint Corporations Subcommittee on Municipal Powers, the Mineral Tax Task Force, the Special Districts Task Force, the full Joint Corporations Committee, the Joint Revenue Committee, the WCCA meeting at WACO, and the WIR Board meeting in successive weeks.

WCCA Update

Summer always seems to come crashing down around me every year. I had grand designs of multiple pack trips, fishing, and actually improving my golf game for once. I hope you have been more successful than I enjoying these short but beautiful summers in Wyoming. No matter how much you pack in, they always seem to slip away too fast.

Cuts, Candidates and Congress

It’s been a difficult start to the year for many. The private sector in Wyoming, driven largely by commodity prices, continues to see losses in revenue. Layoffs have become a reality, and the ripple effects to small businesses cannot be denied. Those ripple effects extend to state and local governments too as clearly indicated in the recent Consensus Revenue Estimating Group report. All of…

Guest Column: Wyoming Counties Matter to NACo

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” famously stated computer scientist Alan Kay. This attitude is rooted in NACo’s strategic blueprint, Stronger Counties. Stronger America. With the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up entity, our 81-year-old association has entered a new phase of promise. We’re focused on keeping America’s communities healthy, safe and vibrant through the…

An update from the WCCA

So the trouble with the blog format of newsletters is that it’s way too easy to push writing these posts down on the priority list. In some ways that's good because it means there are so many projects in the queue that taking time to write about them is on the back burner. However, as I write this, I'm heading to Casper for the WCCA Board Retreat where Commissioners will be thinking carefully…
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