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Spring Committees, Part 1

Time to catch up on committee interim work for the spring. It’s been a little halting in terms of topics and attendance, so rather than four separate reports, the following covers the relevant activities of Joint Revenue and Joint Transportation. Part 2 will cover Minerals and Corporations Committee meetings.

2018 Legislative Wrap-Up

Settle in for the long legislative wrap-up: The 64th Legislature adjourned sine die, to use the technical term only us political nerds know. (Sine die (adverb). Latin. Without fixing a day for future meeting or action). The 65th legislature will meet in general session beginning on January 8, 2019. More than likely that session will occur again in the Jonah Building as Capitol renovations…

December Joint Revenue Report

High drama at the Joint Revenue Committee meeting the last two days. I mean “high drama” in the nerdy, I don’t have a life sort of way, but still....

November Joint Transportation Report

If you’re keeping score at home, you likely noticed that I did not write a post regarding the recent Joint Corporations Committee meeting in Sundance. That’s because I was only there for one topic – municipal extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) – and discussion among committee members was nearly non-existent. At issue was a second draft bill on the issue offered by Rep. Tyler Lindholm that…

October Joint Transportation Report

The legislature’s Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs committee met September 26 and 27 in Newcastle. At this meeting, the committee continued their discussion of vehicle registration fees and if the current depreciation schedule for the county portion of the fee needs to be changed.
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