Joint Transportation Committee Report

The Joint Transportation committee met last week in Douglas and on their agenda was a discussion on vehicle registration fees. The committee wanted to see how Wyoming's fee system compared to those in our surrounding states. The WCCA volunteered to do the research and put together a report for the committee that would show them how each surrounding state's fees were calculated and then show the…

Joint Revenue Committee Report, Part 2

The bulk of the Revenue Committee meeting in Saratoga was devoted to Wyoming’s current tax structure and a couple of different tax related proposals of interest to counties. To start off the discussion LSO offered the presentation linked here regarding Wyoming’s tax structure compared to some surrounding and similar states. It’s interesting data for you to look at your leisure. There is one…

Joint Revenue Committee Report, Part 1

The Joint Revenue Committee met in Saratoga on May 11 and 12. They have been tasked by leadership to develop revenue options that would raise $100, $200 and $300 million. It's a task many of the committee members do not relish because they do not have an appetite for raising taxes at all. The cochairmen repeated often that other committees are looking at further ways to reduce spending at the…

Joint Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee Report

It was great seeing many of you last week in Gillette. That meeting set the WCCA and your staff on a solid path for the upcoming year in many respects. It was back to work this week at the Joint Agriculture, State and Federal Lands, and Water Resources committee up in Hulett, and Joint Revenue in Saratoga. I will write about Revenue in the coming days.

Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee Report

Title 25 was the topic of interest on Thursday in Casper. There was no specific legislation discussed, and I did not testify. I attended more as a fail-safe to ensure that I was present if specific county activities needed further clarification from me. The discussion was led by Department of Health Director, Tom Forslund and other Dept. of Health Senior staff.

Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee Report

The topic of interest at Tuesday’s Joint Travel Rec (as we lobbyists shorten the name) was regulation of gaming in Wyoming. When considering gambling in Wyoming, most of us think either of the lottery, or of the casinos operated by the tribes in Fremont County. The discussion on Tuesday focused more on unregulated gaming in the form of pull tabs and bingo, specifically a draft bill that would…
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